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Companionship & Compassion in One

Ensuring that your canine is properly cared for is important to his health and overall happiness. On Command Canine Training Center is a quality-focused business that makes sure your pup receives the personalized care he deserves, offering everything from comprehensive boarding services to interactive dog daycare.


Taking top-notch care of your animal companion is our number one priority. On Command Canine Training Center offers luxurious boarding accommodations with a lot of extras included at no additional cost to you. Your dog's experience at our Joplin, Missouri center is tailored to its individual needs.

Cost: $15.00 to $35.00 a Day
Boarders that are picked up early will be charged for the additional days the space was reserved.

Drop off and Pick up Boarding Schedule
Drop off at: 11:00 a.m.
Pick-up by: 10:00 a.m.


Active dogs need an outlet from their energy and many enjoy companionship with their canine friends. Our professional team involves your dog in many canine games so that you'll get to relax with a tired and happy pooch at the end of the day.

Cost: $12.00 a Day
Drop off
at 6:00 a.m.
Pick-up by 6:00 p.m.

Dogs will not be accepted without proof of up to date shot recorders including kennel cough vaccination and rabies.
Proof of these vaccinations must be provided at drop off. No exceptions.

Benefits For Your Dog

Exercise – Running and playing helps maintain firm muscles, cardiovascular fitness and a healthy weight. It also releases pent-up energy that may show itself as destructive behavior in your home. Very hyperactive dogs are given a proper outlet for all of that energy. You will pick up a calmer and more satisfied dog after attending doggie daycare. 
Health- While playing all day, dogs are happier and less stressed when they are enjoying their canine companionship. Sunshine, fresh, air, running, and playing all help to increase your dog's mental happiness, which is a boost for the immune system. 
All dogs’ exercise and socialization are closely supervised by our pet care professionals. The On Command staff is trained to closely watch dog body language & interactions to ensure a happy, safe environment for all.  


One of On Commands greatest benefits to a parent is peace of mind that your dog is in a safe place and having fun, fun and more fun! No more guilt for having to leave your dog cooped up all day in the house alone. 
Your relationship with your dog will be enhanced due to their physical and mental needs being met at our doggie daycare. 
After a long day at work, many parents do not have the time or energy to exercise and play with their dog. Doggie daycare gives you a respite for the evening. You will be able to spend a nice, quiet evening, relaxing with your dog. 
Since we are open 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., parents have time to run errands or socialize after work instead of running home to “let the dog out.” 
Running Dog

Pet owners must provide dog food for their own dogs during boarding.
Digestive problem occur quickly in dogs when their dog food is switched abruptly.