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On Command Canine Training Center Specializes in many different areas of dog training.

Obidience, Pack Structure & Behavior Modification


We specialize in Obedience, Pack Structure, Behavior Modification, and Service Dog Training for Autism, Psychiatric, and Assistance. 
It is our promise to you that you can expect results with ON COMMAND as shown in our video ad. 
There are no bad dogs. Just dogs that are simply misunderstood. 
Everyday dogs are surrender to shelters, dumped, re-homed, or even killed, due to some kind of behavioral problem. 
Our mission is simple, "TO SAVE ONE DOG AT A TIME", through our training program that works. 
Even if you have taken your dog to a training program in the past with dissatisfied results. 
This is where we are different than most training facilities. We Give You ONE on ONE professional dog training. 
We also Provide Training inside the comfort of your own home or out in public places for those behavior problems that need to be modified in those environments. 
We train pet owners and rehabilitate your dog to start viewing you as it's pack leader. 
This is the key to a successful relationship with your dog. 
You, your family, and your dog deserves a happy, caring, loving, and most importantly, a respectable relationship with each other. One that can be AMAZING through our program. 
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