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Tracking Dogs and Training

Tracking Dog

Tracking is the ability to follow a scent trail with their nose to the ground and following that trail by each step taken until the source is located.

Trailing is the ability to follow a scent trail with their nose to the ground and follow that trail by coursing (moving from side to side) to determine the direction of travel and to locate the source.

Air Scenting or Area Search is the ability to follow a scent that is in the wind. This is seen when the dog lifts his head and sniffs the air. He is testing the air for scent and follows that scent to the source.

Training Options Offered By On Command:
1. Tracking through Drive
2. Foot Step Tracking
3. Area Searches.
4. Article Indication

On Command Canine Training Academy offers Specially Selected Trained Dogs for Tracking That Can Be Purchased. (Handler Training is included)

On Command Canine Training Academy also offers (Training Only) in cases where a handler may have his own personal dog that has the ability to excel in the tracking programs offered.

Due to the many training options offered by On Command, please Call for Pricing.

Each of these simple explanations indicate that the dog is attempting to locate the source, so what difference does it make?

None, unless you're performing work in a law enforcement atmosphere and are expected to explain your dog's actions in a courtroom.

If you are not in a law enforcement environment, it really doesn't matter.

The majority of our clients are interested in having a dog trained to locate a person who is lost (SAR Teams)or a parent with a child with Autism who often wanders off.

If you are looking for someone who can train your dog to locate the source of scent, whether it is, human, articles, or search and rescue, we can do it!

Our course is presented in a simple, easy to understand format, so that you are aware of what you and your dog should be doing, and why.

You will learn to "read" your dog's body language and understand what he is trying to convey to you.

The course length typically a 12 week course. You will be expected to practice what you've learned.

The truth is Training never ends. It becomes a way of life for you. We don't just take your money, give you instructions, and send you home, we provide the "training" for you and your dog to ensure your confidence in "reading" your dog, and in determining that your dog is actually working toward the source.

Tracking must be a game to the dog, or he will not want to perform.

Our success record speaks for itself. Regardless of which type or style of tracking you choose, we can help you to achieve that goal.