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Volunteer Puppy Raiser Application

On Command Canine Training Center, located at 516 North Main Street in Joplin Missouri, provides trained Service Dogs to  Children with Autism and many other forms of disabilities. On Command relies on volunteers to help socialize the dogs before their formal career training begins.

One might look at it as getting ready for college. There are certain things you have to learn, you have to be a certain level of maturity and have some life experience to be successful in college. Its kind of the same thing with these dogs.

Socializing is a key factor in prepping the puppies for their future careers because the work they will do is vital to their future owners well-being.

They need to be able to behave properly while their handler is at work and out and about, so the puppy raisers will have to attend basic obedience training provided free of charge by On Command Canine Training Center and expose them to as many people and places as possible.

These puppies often accompany the Volunteer puppy raiser to work, out shopping and even on vacation.

Becoming a Puppy Raiser

Puppy raisers don't have to be dog experts by any means. In fact, some volunteers have never even owned a dog before.

We have people that come to us with zero dog experience and have never had a dog before in their life. It's something most anybody can do.

These puppies will live in the volunteers homes for approximately 8 months before they come back to On Commands Training Facility for their formal service dog training.

New volunteers are equipped with a manual and support from On Command Canine Training Center.

Prospective puppy raisers should have no more than two dogs at home already. Kids are fine the more opportunities to socialize.

On Command Canine Training Center is responsible for the cost of food and all veterinary care. Our puppy raiser are however responsible for crates, kennels, toys, etc.

Traits that make good puppy raisers include consistency, reliability and an appreciation for On Commands Mission.
Volunteering is ideal for families with teenagers, and makes for a good senior-year project.

One of the most common questions we frequently hear is, how can they ever give the puppies up?

Once the puppy graduate and goes on to help their new handlers so much, the stories that are told are inspiration enough to wipe away the tears and turn over the leash.

On command also quickly gives the Volunteer puppy raiser a new puppy to raise again for the same inspirational purpose.

To Volunteer as a On Command Puppy Raiser:

If you think you might want to raise a puppy, you can start by filling out our on-line application below. The application process involves a home visit to make sure your home is safe for one of our puppies.


For more information about this exciting program please call us at 417.691.8527.